April 2, 2016

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Review of the Jupiter Hotel 420 Experience

Portland, OR – June 7th, 2016 – Portland’s First Marijuana Friendly Hotel – By Yash of The Daily Leaf Deals

I never get to go out on the company’s dime. We are pretty lean here at The Daily Leaf and in startup mode, it’s normal. When we decided to stay at the Jupiter Hotel to do some research, I jumped at the chance. Let me start off by saying that the Jupiter Hotel reminds me of a party hotel. There are great vibes, and everyone goes there to have fun, It’s safe to say that this is not a family hotel. You have the Doug Fir lounge underneath which is always busy, a full bar, and lots of good looking people everywhere.

Lets get down to the 420 experience and what DOPE Magazine has created for everyone:

I checked in at around 3pm or so on a Friday afternoon and I was definitely ready to have a good time. I walked into the lobby, directly across from the Doug Fir entrance (my friends had a hard time finding the lobby or my room) and took everything in. There is a manakin with a pair of ladies underwear on with “Jupiter Hotel” written on it and guys wearing Rip City hats behind the counter. I like different, and this place is definitely hip and not like any hotel I have ever stayed at. I walked up to the counter and asked the gentleman if I could check in, he said absolutely and got me in within a few minutes. I pre-ordered the 420 Package from their website the day before because I like to procrastinate. I expected him to hand me a small box with some items in it based on the description, but he didn’t hand me anything. I thought to myself, well it’s probably in my room to be discrete. I walked up to my room which was located over the bar patio which I loved! After getting to my room and I noticed nothing resembling a 420 package, I called the front desk and told them the dilemma. The gentleman said that he would check on my request and get back to me soon. 5 minutes later a gentleman with a large box was at my door and apologized for them not having the box in my room before I got there, (this is a new promo so I expected some hiccups) but I was very happy with the service they provided.

Now to the box of goodies:

When I first opened the box, I was shocked. For $50 they sure jam a lot of products in the package and have a large variety of materials to help guide a tourist through the cannabis market here in Portland. The first thing that was popped out was the Dope Magazine apparel, a cool hat and a t-shirt to kick it in after I smoked. The second thing I picked up was the Dopen. This is a battery for a CO2 vape cartridge with a floral print that reminds me of a fresh Hawaiian shirt. The second thing I picked up was a flyer for Afterdark Cookies, which will deliver fresh out of the oven cookies as well as Salt and Straw Ice Cream pints to your door after 8pm, super cool! I noticed some natural snacks as well as some small gourmet chocolate bits for you to consume with red eyes, I am sure. A small mason jar that was provided by BridgeTown Weed Tour was rolling around so I cracked that bad boy open to see what was inside.

The mason jar from BridgeTown Weed Tour includes the following:

Nectar Rolling Papers, Nectar Lighter, Raw Rolling Machine, Slabtown Cannabis Proprietors Pre-Roll Voucher, Attis Trading Co. 10% off all purchases and free joint, Grinder, Canna Cards (Marijuana Trading Cards), Raw Hemp Wick, and various stickers.

You are not allowed to smoke weed in your room due to Oregon Health laws, but you have everything you will need if you are traveling to Portland to experience recreational marijuana. I would say that this is the best hotel to stay at if you are looking to have a good time.  Check out our slideshow below to see everything that came in our kit. We are giving ours away so make sure you sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our website.

Source: http://dailyleafdeals.com/marijuana-friendly-hotel-portland-oregon/

KGW News Channel 8

Portland, OR – April 15th, 2016 – Bridgetown Weed Tour launches pot tourism business in Portland – By Chris Willis of KGW News Channel 8

Source: http://www.kgw.com/entertainment/television/programs/live-at-7/bridgetown-weed-tour-launches-pot-tourism-business-in-portland/135899814

KATU News Channel 2

Portland, OR – April 13th, 2016 – ‘Cannabus’ looks to cash-in on pot tourism – By Reed Andrews of KATU News Channel 2

Portland has well over 100 marijuana dispensaries; it’s a saturated market. Ryan McFallo decided to try his hand at cannabis tourism. Soon he’ll be rolling out “The Cannabus.”

“We didn’t want to have that stoner mentality to it. We want people to come on and have that hands on kind of learning experience,” McFallo said.

McFallo is with Bridgetown Weed Tour, a company that aims to have three tours per day every weekend.

“Get out on the town, go see an event, go see a concert and have a tour guide,” McFallo said. “Stop at a couple places and partake in cannabis if you’d like.”

He bought the former party bus from a night club in Vancouver. People can smoke in the bus as it goes from stop to stop.

Bridgetown Weed Tour has teamed with growers, extract companies, and dispensaries to give tours.

“The experience of freedom of going into somewhere and not having to worry about anything,” said Zach Gale, manager at Green Sky Collective on North Interstate Avenue. “I think tourism is going to be a big thing for a long time.”

In its projections for sales, the state of Oregon didn’t bank on any money coming in from tourism. State economists anticipated tourist would continue to go to Colorado given its proximity to East Coast states where marijuana is illegal.

Source: http://katu.com/news/local/cannabus-looks-to-cash-in-on-pot-tourism

KGW News Channel 8

Portland, OR – April 6th, 2016 – ‘Canna-bus’ to give pot users a new experience – By Chris Willis of KGW News Channel 8

Recreational marijuana is bringing in more revenue than originally anticipated. And with all that money, comes a boost in tourism. The latest venture is the Bridgetown Weed Tour and its mobile smoking lounge.

Getting high is a legal decision in Oregon. And now, a weed tour is also an option.

“We’re not your typical tour that you’re seeing in Denver or Seattle,” said Bridgetown Weed Tour’s director of operations, Ryan McFallo. “We’re actually giving people a hands-on learning experience and that’s what we wanted to build from the start.”

The Bridgetown Weed Tour starts rolling April 16 and it will feature a mobile smoking lounge called the “Canna-bus.” McFallo says it has everything.

“We have a privacy door in here so it gives people the full-on closed experience where they’re going to be able to learn about cannabis and they’re going to be able to have a fun time while participating.”

There’s a big screen TV, a full sound system and even a smoke machine with neon lights. Customers who rent the canna-bus for a tour will have complete privacy.

The tour will stop at several locations. Night clubs, comedy clubs, restaurants, shows and popular events. And of course, the tour will partner with marijuana dispensaries.

“We have our Kashmir dream right now which is half Kashmir Kush and half Blue Dream,” said Kevin Humble, a joint roller at Green Sky Collective. “That’s what we’re here for, to inform to teach and to show.”

The tour has three packages. An early bird brunch, which includes a “wake & bake” cooking class. There’s a “Grasshopper Tour,” which will include visits to dispensaries, growing operations and extraction labs. And there’s the “Night Owl” package.

McFallo says it’s a safe way to experience recreational marijuana in Portland.

“Its going to be the best cannabis experience in Portland.”

People from all over the country are still fascinated that Oregonians can buy and smoke marijuana legally, especially while rolling around in a mobile smoking lounge.

“They laugh at the idea of being able to walk into a place and see ganja like this,” said Cory Brizuela, a budtender at Green Sky Collective.

Brizuela says most tourists have a lot of questions.

“How is it grown? What kind of nutrients did you use with our in-house strain? We’re able to talk about that a little bit more, so that’s some of the other focus.”

And the list of partners, much like the marijuana tourism industry, is expected to continue to grow.

“We’re getting a constant interest from dispensary owners everyday asking how they can be a part of the tour,” McFallo said.

KGW checked with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission about the legality of a mobile smoking lounge. The OLCC says it’s not their area of enforcement, but says smoking marijuana while rolling down the street would be considered illegal, because the street is considered a public place.

McFallo says he’s partnered with private clubs and will park the canna-bus on private property, not smoking while driving. He says he is aware of the state laws and will make sure his tours are compliant.

Source: http://www.kgw.com/news/local/marijuana/canna-bus-to-give-pot-users-a-new-experience/123283190

Portland Business Journal

Portland, OR – April 5th, 2016 – Tag along as Oregon’s cannatourism industry formally kicks off – By Andy Geigerich of Portland Business Journal

It didn’t take long for the notion of cannatourism to hit Portland.

About six months after the recreational use of marijuana was legalized, BridgeTown Weed Tour will give visitors a chance to view the state’s cannabis culture from the comfort of a tour bus.

Ryan McFallo of the Tour said his group offers glimpses of the state’s “urbane approach to cannabis culture.” The first tours will launch April 16.

We threw a few questions at Ryan McFallo by email. His answers are below. He also sent some pictures our way of a few of the spots the Tour will visit.

Are you the first Oregon cannabis tour providers? Yes.

Where did you get the idea for it. Well, in 2014, prior to the legalization of marijuana in Oregon…

We don’t take for granted the unique position Oregon is in, being one of only four states to fully legalize marijuana for recreational use. We realize there are countless numbers of marijuana advocates, patients, and recreational users in the U.S. that may not have the pleasure to go to a legal dispensary, visit a growing facility to learn the horticultural aspects of cannabis, or freely partake in cannabis without the risk of arrest and jail.

Considering all of this, we felt there was an untapped opportunity and that people would be interested in an urbane approach to cannabis and the cannabis culture of Portland.

How are you marketing it outside the state? As you can imagine, as a start-up, our budget for indirect and direct marketing is relatively small compared to larger or more established companies in the cannabis industry … We felt that building name recognition in Portland first is instrumental for us to have future successes. Since 2014, we have been directly involved in every aspect of this company and pride ourselves on face-to-face connections and the knowledge that when you are working with Bridgetown Weed Tour you are not only getting a fantastic brand and product; you are also getting us. This philosophy has been instrumental in every meeting we’ve had, every owner we’ve met, and every partner we’ve made.

More to the base of your question, how have we marketed ourselves out of the state, first and foremost our SEO work has been phenomenal. We have self-built a top of the line responsive website and are currently ranked first for a number of cannabis related tour searches in Portland. This has generated a lot of interest nationally and directly led to us being featured in the March issue of an industry leading magazine, MG Magazine. It also led to partnering with a national multiple cannabis tourism agencies, who specialize in all-inclusive cannabis experiences.

Secondly, our social media marketing team have been forging connections locally and nationally with medical and recreational dispensaries, growing facilities, nonprofit organizations, retail cannabis companies, and individuals alike. This has been great for initial contact, lead generation, promoting our brand identity, and promoting causes that affect the entire cannabis community. It has been an instrumental part in curating our online presence, developing partnerships with locally owned farms and boutiques, and establishing a connection to the national cannabis community at large.

As we grow, we plan to expand our in state and out of state marketing, but feel that our current marketing strategy using SEO, social media marketing, and good old fashioned face-to-face meetings and handshakes offer a low cost high reward marketing strategy that builds our brand identity and has put us in the position we are in; a top tier cannabis tour in a top tier city.

What are some of the cooler places you’ve been to as you put the tour together? One of the cooler places we have had the pleasure to go has been Chalice Farms. They are in the process of building their national headquarters (24,000 total square feet) which will include office space, commercial kitchen space, state of the art growing facility, extraction lab, and dispensary. It’s pretty much a one stop shop for any cannabis connoisseur.

We are very excited to be in the beginning phases of forming a partnership with them as one of our featured shops. This is a great facility and a great opportunity for everyone involved. It highlights every aspect of the plant, from a seed through maturity to harvest and processing. We feel the more people learn the science behind cannabis cultivation the more it will be destigmatized.

Just to end on a touching note, speaking of destigmatizing cannabis, we received a touching email from a breast cancer survivor who was interested in booking a tour. Without knowing the extent of her circumstances, she wrote of her struggle with chemo, the after effects, and how cannabis was the perfect medicine for her. Her struggle and strength were inspiring to say the least and a direct result of this email, we are in the planning stages of hosting a breast cancer survivor tour with proceeds going to a locally owned nonprofit focusing on breast cancer research.

This anecdote is just a little reminder to why we do what we do. As individuals and as a business, we are here to connect communities to all of the beneficial aspects of cannabis.

Andy is the Portland Business Journal’s digital managing editor, overseeing the daily digital news operation.

Source: http://www.bizjournals.com/portland/blog/2016/04/tag-along-as-oregons-cannatourism-industry.html

Press Release

Portland, OR – April 4th, 2016 – BridgeTown Weed Tour is a community partnership based on connecting individuals nationwide to Portland’s refined cannabis culture and are proud to announce our official launch on April 16th, 2016 at Slabtown Cannabis Proprietors grand opening event. Our tour options offer a unique product at a reasonable price and an urbane approach to cannabis culture. We have partnered with businesses and boutiques that were handpicked for their extraordinary level of professionalism, product quality, and exceptional service. Are you ready to experience the most complete cannabis tours in Portland, Oregon?


BridgeTown Weed Tour offers an intimate cannabis experience for up to 15 participants that are 21 years of age or older. We provide a variety of tour options that have been tailored to meet your cannabis needs.

Are you ready to wake and bake with the best brunch in Portland? The Earlybird experience begins in one of the city’s top brunch destinations. Tour includes a provided meal and a step by step cooking demonstration to learn how to make infused butters and oils. Several easy to prepare recipes are included as well.

Would you like to gain a deeper understanding of the cannabis plant? The Grasshopper experience provides participants exclusive access to a state of the art growing facility, where participants will learn about growing & processing cannabis in various ways. Participants will also visit one of Portland’s best cannabis extraction labs and learn the science behind concentrates.

Perhaps you’d like to paint the town green? The Niteowl experience offers participants a worry free evening with access to special events that are curated exclusively for our customers every weekend. Spread your wings and enjoy Portland like never before.

Also included with each tour, our friends will visit the finest cannabis boutiques and smoking lounge that Portland has to offer. So, whether it is cooking with cannabis, interests in the horticultural aspects of the plant, or a night out on the town; we have you covered.

For more information on the experiences we provide, visit our website at BridgeTownWeedTour.com.

For more information on our official launch party:
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