February 24, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If you have any questions regarding the legality of Oregon Marijuana Laws, please reference the State of Oregon’s website and updated law page.


  2. How old do I have to be in order to partake in a experience BridgeTown Weed Tour offers?

    The legal age in the State of Oregon for recreational use of Cannabis is 21. We do not allow anyone under the age of 21 to partake in any BridgeTown Weed Tour experience. VALID ID REQUIRED TO BOARD.

  3. How many seats our available for each tour?

    12 seats are available per tour, minimum requirement of 6 seats must be filled in order for the tour to operate. If the tour does not operate, you’ll be offered a chance to reschedule your experience or receive a full refund.

  4. How long does each tour last?

    Each tour is designed to last about 4 hours.

  5. Does BridgeTown Weed Tour provide Cannabis?

    BridgeTown Weed Tour does not provide you with Cannabis, but an integral part of some of our experiences includes stops at the best dispensaries in Portland, Oregon. At that time, you can purchase Recreational Marijuana up to the Oregon State legal amount.

  6. Can I bring my own Cannabis on my experience?

    Yes, you may bring up to the Oregon State legal amount. You may only consume Cannabis during your experience, at a legal space defined by Oregon State law. Your guide will tell you when and where it is appropriate to consume.

  7. What is the legal amount of Cannabis an out-of-state visitor can purchase?

    Per Oregon State Laws, an individual can purchase at one transaction time no more than 7 grams and can carry no more than 1oz. of usable marijuana outside the home.

  8. What is the refund policy if I decide to cancel my tour?

    In order to obtain a full refund of payment, you must cancel the reservation 31 days or more (unless there’s a very special documented circumstance) before the scheduled experience date. There are no partial refunds for cancellations made within the 30 days prior to the scheduled experience.

  9. What if there is inclement weather?

    If the weather does not allow us to operate a tour or event we will reschedule.

  10. Can we bring alcohol?

    No, you can not bring any alcohol on any of the BridgeTown Weed Tour experiences.

  11. Can we bring beer or wine?

    No, but we will also provide a scheduled stop to purchase wine or beer, during certain experiences.

  12. Do we have to tip our tour guide?

    Tipping is not mandatory for individual tours (private tours are required), but most often our visitors enjoy the experience and time with the guide so much that they will.

  13. Am I required to buy or spend a certain amount of money on Cannabis in order to enjoy the experiences?

    No, in fact you don’t even need to consume Cannabis to enjoy the experiences we offer.

  14. Do I have to produce a group to participate in the tours or can I experience them with other individuals?

    You can do either option, sign up for a date that works for you and get paired with other people that signed up for the same date, or produce a full group and have a private experience.

  15. Can I request to be on the same experience as a friend who made reservations before me?

    Only if there is still available openings for that experience.

  16. How far in advance should we reserve our tour space?

    The farther in advance the better. These experiences do fill up fast and once they are sold out they are sold out, unless you would like to have a private party rental.

  17. Do you use my personal information for anything besides scheduling the reservation?

    Absolutely not!

  18. Where do we pay, and what forms of payments do you accept?

    You can pay by credit card over the phone, or online at the time of purchase.

Any other questions? Feel free to call us at 1-800-813-5396 or email us directly at info@bridgetownweedtour.com